Mission Trip to Larnaca, Cyprus


This is a letter that is being sent out to a few people by mail. There’s quite a few of you that have been asking about the trip, however, so I thought I would send out the letter in my blog as well.

I probably won’t count this towards my second blog of the month, so you can look towards another one coming later in May.

Please keep this new opportunity in your prayers and I hope you all have a blessed summer!

.        .          .         .        .

     Dear Friends, Family, and brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is to be an update letter to make you aware of the changes I have made toward my mission this summer. I trust that some of you have already received a letter about the mission to Landstuhl, Germany, and I would like to keep you all informed toward what is going to happen.

I talked with the Trinity Reformed Church quite a bit, and they decided that they aren’t in a great position to make the most out of a team this year. Therefore, no Germany trip.

Still wanting to make my services useful towards mission work this summer, I talked with RPmissions about an opportunity to go to Athens, Greece. This trip is coming 2017, but not to be this summer.

So I settled on being Assistant Leader, going to Larnaca, Cyprus. This trip will be from July 1st to July 21st, and will involve VBS work, bible studies, evangelism, and mainly working with the churches in the surrounding area. All this being said, I would be blessed if you would continue to support me in prayer.

  • Please continue to keep Trinity Reformed Church in Landstuhl in your prayers. They’re some pretty great people, and they lost quite a few members through military transfer.
  • Yes, this trip is safe. No, I’m not a terrorist, and neither are they. However, pray for safety anyway. It’s going to be a lot of traveling.
  • I still have to raise $1,460.00 to go. This does not count airfare. If it is put on your heart, I would love financial support as well as your prayers. If you want to support me, go to http://rpmissions.org/donate. It has all of the information on mailing or submitting donations.
  • Pray for the whole Cyprus team! I have not met any of them yet, but we’re coming up on an adventure that will require our unified attention.

God bless,
Nathanael Planalp


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