The Gambler

I am not a gambling man. Even if I think anything is a good option, I will usually devote a good amount of time to mull over the options. What could go wrong? What could go right? Is it worth any potential risks?

I think if someone was to hand me $1 million dollars, I would probably stand in front of them with my hand on my chin. Thinking. Just to be sure.

You can never be too sure.

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The Teacher: Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem. A Nintendo series of mythical beasts and knights in shining armor. It is a tactical role-playing game, the first installment coming out in 1990.

Each game focused around a different hero. You learned to utilize units on a square grid, moving and attacking much like a more complex version of chess. Each unit has strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and a personal touch of character to them.

This little Nintendo game also taught me an invaluable lesson about writing.

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When Your Computer Falls

One of my problems is that I am a little too tolerant.

It may not seem like a negative quality, but trust me, it is not always that great.

My laptop was shutting down, randomly, about once a week at best. I thought, eh, its fine. I’ll get a new one sometime later after this semester. Then, it began to freeze and shut down about once every five minutes. It is really hard to write your 10+ page literature review for your communication class in intervals of five minutes at a time.

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When Characters Suffer

I once thought about what it would be like to meet your characters in real life.

I think a lot of people would consider it ‘really cool’ or ‘awesome’. They would have a great time together, and get to talk about all the things that were done well about them.

“I made you into an incredible character, didn’t I?” One might say. “Aren’t you grateful for everything I’ve done for you?”

What would I say to them? I wondered.

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My Significant Other (Part II)

sig·nif·i·cant oth·er

1. a person with whom someone has an established romantic or sexual relationship

Exactly one year ago I published one of my highest viewed articles, “My Significant Other”.

Valentine’s day. A great day to shamelessly click-bait my friends and family for views on my blog, right?

But I published that article to make a point. This Valentine’s day, I would like to make the same point, of which I believe to be important to understand, and fatal to forget.

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Regretfully, Pridefully Gryffindor

I am Gryffindor, and I don’t like it.

In my late experience with the Harry Potter series, I have been pleasantly surprised. When I was a small, naive child, I was was taught that such books were from the pits of Hell. I was also taught that it was cool to make fun of them. Wizards and witches, they haven’t got anything on an Istari (Gandalf beats Dumbledore any day).

And although that may be true, I have never regretted passively hating a series so much.

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