When Your Computer Falls

One of my problems is that I am a little too tolerant.

It may not seem like a negative quality, but trust me, it is not always that great.

My laptop was shutting down, randomly, about once a week at best. I thought, eh, its fine. I’ll get a new one sometime later after this semester. Then, it began to freeze and shut down about once every five minutes. It is really hard to write your 10+ page literature review for your communication class in intervals of five minutes at a time.



My old laptop. I have written a lot of memorable papers and stories on it since Junior year of High school. I have to admit, I am sad to see it go.


Writing is pretty hard when you lose your resources and realize that your best option is to use the library computers. Do not get me wrong, I was able to get by, but my biggest concern was that the library was barely open on the weekend. An unfortunate reality that has caused me far more trouble before.

I was in full stress mode, and I realized that I probably should have done something about my temperamental computer before it decided to throw in the towel.

I have to say though, God used a lot of people to get me through the week.

My parents communicated with me to get a new computer, one which I could not afford for myself at the time.

A professor gave me an extension on one of my papers, and another gave me his old laptop to use in the meantime. It was old. And slow. But by golly, it worked – and I could write on it all weekend long – and that was enough for me.



It could run Word pretty well, and that was all I needed.


One of my roommates even used his technical, computer magic to help that laptop run a little faster. He uninstalled some old, non-essential programs and made sure there were no lingering viruses hidden around.

With this old piece of garbage, I lost myself in my work and got everything finished. I didn’t even need the paper extension. I typed, and had a blast at the comfort of my own desk. I was still a little behind, but I knew that the hard part was over.

A few days early, yesterday, my new laptop arrived. I am typing on it now, and I cannot describe how happy I am to have a personal, working laptop again. It runs smoothly, it functions correctly, and wow did I miss that.


This whole ordeal has taught me that writing is not just restricted to the highest functioning laptops. I was able to get by for a while with my dying laptop, able to use a very old laptop once that died, and even wrote by hand quite a bit more for non-school projects. I’m very glad to have a working laptop once again, and I’m excited for the new stack of writing projects that I will be able to complete with it.

One of those projects being my story for my Publishing class, “Warfare of Toys”.

Stay tuned for more information on that book, by the way. You will not have to wait too much longer.


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