The Always Quest: Chapter 4

This is goodbye to The Always Quest, the story that was never to be. It is unchanged with very little editing, but please enjoy!

The Always Quest Final Chapters

Chapter 4: An Umbrella for a Rainy Day

The girl took a deep breath. All for giggles, of course, as she wasn’t required to breathe. She brushed off her red, pink laced dress and stood inside the snug tent. Her iron legs were shaky, but she seemed to be recovering from… whatever she was to recover from. She tapped her metal head and frowned. Continue reading →


Never to Be

This is a sad blog, for me personally, but I wanted to discuss some failed project that I have tried in the past.

As some context, back in 2015 I started an experiment. I wanted an excuse to write about some cool characters, so I set up a Facebook page to share a story. I would write the chapter and put it on the wall, letting the audience read it whenever they pleased.

It was called The Death Book Chronicles. Its tagline was “Death Book: A story that relies on you, the reader, to progress”. This was my first and greatest mistake. Continue reading →

What’s in a Name?

As men and women, we live for a varying amount of control. It is attractive to us in most circles of life, but some things we have no control over.

One of those things is our name. It is, in fact, chosen for us at a very young age by our parents and legal guardians, for better or worse. Once receiving your name, you will be called it more times than you can count. So you had better get used to it.

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