Never to Be

This is a sad blog, for me personally, but I wanted to discuss some failed project that I have tried in the past.

As some context, back in 2015 I started an experiment. I wanted an excuse to write about some cool characters, so I set up a Facebook page to share a story. I would write the chapter and put it on the wall, letting the audience read it whenever they pleased.

It was called The Death Book Chronicles. Its tagline was “Death Book: A story that relies on you, the reader, to progress”. This was my first and greatest mistake.

The system was that I had seven demon hunters. I had a brief introduction to the setting and personalities, and then they went off into a forest to kill the queen demon and stop the demon infestation in their land. Every chapter, there would be a chance for one of them to die. The readers would randomly vote on a number, one through seven. Each hunter would have a number attached to them, and if their number was picked, they would die in the next chapter.

Once they were dead, the number would be given to a demon, and there would be a chance for the hunters to finally kill one of the demons. But it was entirely up to the reader.


The Death Book

The problem was that I did not have any kind of reader base. I was starting fresh, which is a very bad idea for a story that depended on the reader. Needless to say, I got very little feedback. To be fair, it was not written very well to start with (to my standards now, at least). The whole project died before any of the hunters could.


The seven heroes of The Death Book Chronicles

The Death Book Chronicles were no more, and I mainly wrote school projects after that.

Exactly one year later, I started a new project.

I had been blogging. Bringing up a new reader base. I had a new story idea, and a new plan. The story would no longer rely on the readers directly, but rather be an episodic adventure in a strange land with strange characters. It would have mystery. It would have death, and suspense. And it would have artwork.


The heroes for The Always Quest

The Always Quest. A project that I soon fell in love with.


I worked hard and illustrated each chapter. I spent a lot of time editing each chapter carefully. I never got every single little mistake, but I was able to bring a higher quality of writing than before.

The Always Quest was fun to write.

It had characters I was excited about.

But it got about half of the view compared to my normal blogs.


Avery Foolhardy, a skilled foxlike swords master.

The artwork alone took three to four hours for each chapter. The writing? It took even longer than that. For a normal blog, I will sit and write for about an hour or two until I get something satisfactory. The Always Quest? It took all week, and I got less views and interest out of it.


It wasn’t doing well on my blog at all, and my excitement for the project died.

I got three chapter in and could no longer make time for it. I did one chapter per month, and even wrote most of the fourth chapter. But I didn’t even have the motivation to finish and edit even that.


Frella Cerella, with an Umbrella; my favorite character in The Always Quest.


I had a sequel to The Always Quest, called The Never Quest, but ironically such a story will probably never come to see the light of day.

I have learned a lot from these two projects, and I am not sure if I will be starting a new project this coming June for 2017. However, I have grown a lot in my writing through them. I understand reader base more, understand how to blog more effectively, and understand that what I want to write may not be what people want to read.

However, to end on a more cheerful note, I am going to publish the incomplete, fourth chapter of The Always Quest. And who knows? Another project may come to Silverquestions. If you have interest in reading a short, episodic series on my blog, then let me know.

I have no ideas yet, but they have a funny way of finding me regardless.



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