The Book is Here

For an entire semester, the Publishing class at Geneva College has worked tirelessly to be able to make this dream a reality.

Here is our book. Here are our stories. Read them, and experience the imagination and challenging issues we think are important to consider.

Find “The Oddities of Room 34” here:

If you are not sure about the purchase, then here is a sample of my own story, “Warfare of Toys”:

Warfare of Toys
By Nathanael Planalp

…When midnight struck and Darkness arrived, Bear was the first to fight back. He was the first to charge under the bed after Emily, since their girl had slept with him in her arms. But the Dark was too quick and dragged her deep underneath where she once slept comfortably under her covers. Out from under the bed came adversaries made from the darkness itself. Nightmares that the Dark had saved up.

“You fought them well, Bear,” said Knight. “Your sacrifice will not have been in vain.”

The nightmares’ black bodies littered the floor around Knight, and he knew that he had only won at the cost of a friend. It was a frightening place under the bed, different from any of Emily’s stories. “We are coming for you, Emily.”

“You better believe we are, partner.” A voice, rough as sandpaper, spoke from behind Knight. It was Cowboy, who dipped his hat low upon seeing Bear. Two other toys stood behind him. It was Jester and Ballerina. Jester was made from bright green and white plastic, a small lute hanging on his back. A white mask covered his once cheerful face, and he stood, silent. It was far from a time of joke or song.

“Oh, Bear!” Ballerina ran to the toy bear’s side and flung her arms over his ripped body. Ballerina was a metal toy, strong and well made.

“We ain’t lost Emily yet,” said Cowboy. “You with us, Knight?”

“Verily,” Knight said. “Let us waste no more time.”

Jester nodded and walked past them, off towards the blackness that was deeper under the bed. Ballerina quietly stood, Cowboy nodded his final respects to Bear, and the four of them went off. Jester, fists clenched, led the way through the storm, his pace direct and unwavering. The dust revolted against them like waves from a treacherous sea while the wooden boards above them creaked like thunder.

Knight shouted through the storm. “What are we to do when we approach the Dark?”

So what will you do when you approach the dark? How do you face your greatest fears? There is this and so much more in our stories, and I hope you will find enjoyment in the rest of the story.

Happy reading.



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