RP Missions 2017

RP Missions; Summer of 2017

In the Summer of 2015 I went to Landstuhl, Germany.

In the Summer of 2016 I went to Larnaka, Cyprus.

In the Summer of 2017 I will be going to both.

I will be leading two separate teams this summer to faraway places of separate cultures and needs. To keep you informed as to gain your prayer and support, here are the details of my trip!

Landstuhl, Germany

Will be from June 13th to June 30th and will involve supporting a US Military Church and the Christians stationed there. We will be encouraging, doing practical work on the building, and hosting a VBS for their kids. The VBS program will be held during their Switzerland church camp.


What to Pray for:

Pray for those serving our country overseas as we will be ministering to them and their families. Please also pray for smooth traveling in Germany, and the ability to communicate properly with everyone we would need to. Please uphold Pastor Toby Dubose, who is the pastor there.


Larnaka, Cyprus

Will be from July 1st to July 21st, directly after my trip to Germany. I will be working with two churches there, a Greek Evangelical Church, and a Reformed Presbyterian style church mainly consisting of refugees. My team and I will be hosting a Holiday Club (VBS) for their kids, as well as babysitting, helping, and encouraging the saints there.


What to Pray for:

Many in Cyprus are easily discouraged due to their varied situations there. Many are refugees who had to flee from their homes. Pray that they would find their peace in Christ, and pray that we would reach the children there and be able to respectfully work with those who are in need. Keep Pastor Zachary Kail in your prayers, as we will primarily be working with him on our trip.


How you can Support me:

This trip will take up my summer with traveling, planning, and sacrificing time and energy. Any support you can give to make these trips possible would mean the world to me.

If you want to support me financially, then please go to rpmissions.org/donate OR make your check out to RP Missions and send to RP Missions, 3307 5th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA 15010-3509

Any support is tax deductible and greatly appreciated.



Sincerely, Nathanael Planalp

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