Umbrella Holding Fox

“An Umbrella Holding Fox”

If I could have one pet or friend,

I would want an umbrella holding fox.

He would courageously keep my fears

In a chest, under key and lock.

A pal and a companion,

Ever through the rain,

To sit on my shoulder

And help banish the pain.

I would sing

And he would hum.

A merry duo, together

louder than thunder’s drum.

The lighting would flee

Fearful of our ballad.

The chill? Banished!

A terror suddenly invalid.

Into the storm we would charge,

Umbrella held high,

And we would combat the darkness

Brave and, from head to toe, dry.

An odd choice he may seem.

But, however, and alternatively,

Sometimes, it takes something odd

To be strong, and live life boldly.

By Nathanael Planalp

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Umbrella Blogging Fox

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