(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update 3

Update; 6/23/17

It is nearing midnight in Landstuhl, Germany. The team completed our biggest objectives for the trip, so I thought a recap would be in order.

As I said in the previous update, for the week, the missions team was charged with running VBS for the Trinity Reformed Church (TRC) for their family conference in Beatenberg, Switzerland.

We split into three teams: Grace and Jackie for ages 0-3, myself and Amber for ages 4-8, and Nolan and Neil for ages 9-13 (with the option for other teens as well). We spent the week teaching these kids, exploring Switzerland with other TRC families, and taking what little rest we could to prepare for the following days.


VBS, ages 4-8, doing their daily craft.

There was in between nine to seven kids in each group, including the nursery. Depending on the group, the leaders told stories, working on memory verses, played inside and outside, and tried to keep whatever chaos emerged under control.

The kids were full of energy but were a lot of fun to work with. The 4-8 session would usually end with everyone playing outside, as seen with some of the group catching and then releasing grasshoppers at the end of the day.


Camey, Owen, Laurie, Desmond, and Zoey, all putting their grasshoppers onto the nest they built for them at the end of the day.

Other than VBS fun, the team also got to participate in quite a lot of outside activity, such as hiking for four hours up to a cliff.


The TRC group hiking up towards the side of a mountain. It was a long and rigorous journey. Team pictures from the top to come soon.

We also joined a group up the mountain to a park, and rode a mountain coaster (like a roller coaster, only you control the speed you go).



Nolan and I waiting in line, praying that we would not die. We did not.

And we did our own exploring in Interlaken and around during our one free day of the conference. We walked, bought chocolate, and explored into the woods to find stacked wood and a creek (more exciting than it seems, I promise).

But most importantly we finished the conference today with a final session with the kids in our VBS lessons. The older group had fruitful discussion, and the middle group was able to say their memory verse in the adult session.


The final craft and session for VBS.

Right after the session, everyone packed, cleaned, and left to go back to Landstuhl, Germany after a blessed week at Switzerland.



With one final goodbye to the view as well.

The team plans on helping a member of the church work with refugees in Kaiserslautern, Germany tomorrow, as well as cleaning out the church and doing some more exploring as the week continues.

Our main task is finished, but a week of mission work remains.

  • Pray that our last week in Germany would be helpful to the TRC.
  • Pray that we would continue to have safety in our travels.
  • Pray that the adults and kids would seek to apply everything they learned during the Beatenberg, Switzerland conference.
  • Pray that, once the time comes, we would have safety in flying back to our respective homes once the trip concludes.

Matthew 19:13-14

13 Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, 14 but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”


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