Germany/Switzerland [RP Missions 2018] Part II

After being abroad for around thirty-three days, there is a great sense of relief upon returning to one’s home. This was my fourth time doing mission work over the summer, but this year felt more challenging, more intensive, and more engaging. Not necessarily due to the trip itself but because of where I am spiritually as a Christian; but I’ll get into that a bit later in the update.

The ten days in Germany and Switzerland were tiring, but felt very productive. We left the church in Landstuhl to go to their family camp in Beatenberg, Switzerland. Continue reading →


Germany/Switzerland [RP Missions 2018]

After leaving Northern Ireland ten days early from the trip, I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. After a lot of walking and a shuttle later, I made it to Kaiserslautern, where the team is being hosted, to minister to the Trinity Reformed Church in Landstuhl, Germany.

As this is the third time I have been on the trip, it was blessing to return to find familiar faces, as well as many new ones.  Continue reading →

Northern Ireland [RP Missions 2018] Part II

My time in Northern Ireland has now come to a close. After twenty-some days in this beautiful country I have found far more challenge and hard truths than I had thought I would. Far more than I really have had time to process.

However, before I head off to Landstuhl, Germany to lead my second trip, I owe an update to those who have been praying for our Northern Ireland team. My first update focused on my own personal growth concerning my mission experience mainly because I needed to take time so that an appropriate level of discernment could be applied to explaining the work we have been given here. So, without further ado, here is what you have all been waiting to hear about.
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Northern Ireland [RP Missions 2018]

After a long anticipated wait for the chance to travel to Ireland and serve in further mission work, it has been great. We have had the chance to hand out leaflets for easier access to the Bible, talked with the locals around the area, cleaned the house that the team is staying at, and cleaned the church itself, all while taking in the beautiful scenery. However, writing this update was actually harder than I really wanted it to be.

People always ask me: “Nathanael, how did God change you during your time on your mission trips?” However, to this, my response is typically less than enthusiastic. Obviously my personal growth in God is very important, but that was never the point of going. Continue reading →