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I am a curious young man who searches for understanding. I am not the most vocal of people, so most of my observations and pondering goes unnoticed or missed. This is when I discovered a passion and love for writing. I take words seriously, and attempt to be as careful and useful as I can with them. My background is from a Christian perspective, and most of this blog will be based upon that fact.

Grover and God’s Sovereignty  

When I was little, one of my favorite shows to watch was Sesame Street.

Now, quite a few of the characters used to scare me as a kid. Elmo always unnerved me, as well as Zoey… for some reason. But my favorites were always Continue reading →


Letting Go

The last time I blogged (other than a mission update) was a little over four months ago.

And man, has life really kicked into gear since then. Four months ago, I was sitting back and enjoying the outside activities that come along with the beautiful June weather. I had the time to contemplate the heaviest of questions, such as “what is my favorite anime?”. But in all seriousness, my life was on the verge of a tipping point. Up until June, I felt stagnant; confused; lacking direction. I was about to go abroad. I was about to officially start my senior year of college.

Now to switch gears:

Traveling is romantic.

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(RP Missions) Cyprus Update 3


Upon the start of my final week for my travels this summer, here is a potentially final update for my experience within RP Missions in 2017. Word of warning, this may be a long one.

This week was the most anticipated of the Cyprus trip. After doing some preparations all last week, we worked towards pulling off a Holiday Bible Club (or VBS) for the kids that were a part of the Trinity Evangelical Church, as well as any in the surrounding area. Continue reading →

(RP Missions) Cyprus Update

The Landstuhl, Germany trip now officially over, I have found myself over to Larnaca, Cyprus for more familiar faces and new tasks to complete.

The Cyprus trip, which goes from July 1st to July 21st, is focused on reaching out to the youth and refugees in the small island in the Eastern Mediterranean. Continue reading →

(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update 3

Update; 6/23/17

It is nearing midnight in Landstuhl, Germany. The team completed our biggest objectives for the trip, so I thought a recap would be in order.

As I said in the previous update, for the week, the missions team was charged with running VBS for the Trinity Reformed Church (TRC) for their family conference in Beatenberg, Switzerland. Continue reading →

(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update 2

Guten Tag!

An update from Beatenburg, Switzerland from the Germany team of 2017 as the second week starts:

The team, upon all arriving in Landstuhl last week, settled in, fought the jetlag, got acquainted with each other, and prepared for the week to come. The weather in Landstuhl was pleasant, and the team was well off walking around town, or taking a quick drive, to get all the supplies and stops needed. Continue reading →