But Seriously, Let’s talk about Anime

Anime is a genre that many people are scared of. It is looked down upon in many circles, and for good reason. Anime has more perversion and ‘mature’ content that you would think possible, so it is dangerous to find one worth watching.

However, I care about story. I care about action scenes. I care about characters and their development.

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The Book is Here

For an entire semester, the Publishing class at Geneva College has worked tirelessly to be able to make this dream a reality.

Here is our book. Here are our stories. Read them, and experience the imagination and challenging issues we think are important to consider.

Find “The Oddities of Room 34” here: https://www.createspace.com/7079125

If you are not sure about the purchase, then here is a sample of my own story, “Warfare of Toys”:

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In 4 Days

The Oddities of Room 34, a collection of short stories all from different authors, comes out in four days.

April 10th. That is the day when you will have the opportunity to see all of our work and labor over the past semester.

Four days.

So in honor of that, I’m going to tell you four things that I have learned through writing my story, “Warfare of Toys”. Continue reading →

Never to Be

This is a sad blog, for me personally, but I wanted to discuss some failed project that I have tried in the past.

As some context, back in 2015 I started an experiment. I wanted an excuse to write about some cool characters, so I set up a Facebook page to share a story. I would write the chapter and put it on the wall, letting the audience read it whenever they pleased.

It was called The Death Book Chronicles. Its tagline was “Death Book: A story that relies on you, the reader, to progress”. This was my first and greatest mistake. Continue reading →

The Gambler

I am not a gambling man. Even if I think anything is a good option, I will usually devote a good amount of time to mull over the options. What could go wrong? What could go right? Is it worth any potential risks?

I think if someone was to hand me $1 million dollars, I would probably stand in front of them with my hand on my chin. Thinking. Just to be sure.

You can never be too sure.

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The Teacher: Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem. A Nintendo series of mythical beasts and knights in shining armor. It is a tactical role-playing game, the first installment coming out in 1990.

Each game focused around a different hero. You learned to utilize units on a square grid, moving and attacking much like a more complex version of chess. Each unit has strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and a personal touch of character to them.

This little Nintendo game also taught me an invaluable lesson about writing.

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