Reformed Presbyterian Missions 2018


I would appreciate your prayer and support for my last summer in my undergraduate career with RP MISSIONS.

Cyprus is not receiving a team this year, but please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and the refugees in Cyprus! That being said, my plans have changed.

Carnlough, Ireland

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May 24th-June 25th

I will be joining the team going to Ireland. The team will be in Carnlough and two other communities and will be helping with literature distribution, organizing soccer camp for community children, and preparing Bible lessons for Holiday Bible Clubs (VBS) in the three communities.

I will be leaving 10 days early so that I can lead the Germany trip, but I am excited to serve there for the time that I can.

Landstuhl, Germany; Interlaken, Switzerland


June 15th-25th, 2018

I will be leading a small team to the Trinity Reformed Church in Germany to help run their family camp in Switzerland.

This church is of primarily United States Military Personnel and their families. Our main job is to run the VBS for their kids, but also to encourage and help the church as a whole.

My goal to make both trips is to raise $2500 + Airfare

I would appreciate any prayer and financial support you can offer. If you are interested, then please download a response card from the website below to send your one-time or monthly gifts via mail. Make your check to RP Missions and send to the following address:

RP Missions
3307 5th Ave
Beaver Falls, PA 15010-3509

Or go to http://rpmissions.org/ for more details.

Nathanael Planalp



(RP Missions) Cyprus Update 2

With the first week of the Cyprus trip now over, the team continues to adjust to the heat and rest in preparation for our next week.

Our second week involves more structure and work, and will be our busiest time during the trip. Continue reading →

(RP Missions) Cyprus Update

The Landstuhl, Germany trip now officially over, I have found myself over to Larnaca, Cyprus for more familiar faces and new tasks to complete.

The Cyprus trip, which goes from July 1st to July 21st, is focused on reaching out to the youth and refugees in the small island in the Eastern Mediterranean. Continue reading →

(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update 3

Update; 6/23/17

It is nearing midnight in Landstuhl, Germany. The team completed our biggest objectives for the trip, so I thought a recap would be in order.

As I said in the previous update, for the week, the missions team was charged with running VBS for the Trinity Reformed Church (TRC) for their family conference in Beatenberg, Switzerland. Continue reading →

(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update 2

Guten Tag!

An update from Beatenburg, Switzerland from the Germany team of 2017 as the second week starts:

The team, upon all arriving in Landstuhl last week, settled in, fought the jetlag, got acquainted with each other, and prepared for the week to come. The weather in Landstuhl was pleasant, and the team was well off walking around town, or taking a quick drive, to get all the supplies and stops needed. Continue reading →

(RP MISSIONS) Germany Update

I had left my laptop in my carry-on bag in the security line (which you are not supposed to do), so I was politely brought to the side to have it quickly examined.

The security officer was a young woman, and she explained the process and quickly moved a security wand over my laptop. She continued to look through my bag and smiled. “Going abroad?”

“Yeah,” I said. Before I could ask how she knew, she held up my plug adaptor for foreign countries. I smiled back and nodded.

“It’s a nifty tool.”

“Looks like it. Where are you off to?” Continue reading →