On account of who people are when it comes to preference, it becomes quite the mess. In the sea of likes, dislikes, and decisions we have to make in this world it nearly becomes impossible to find a true and critical truth to the matter of what is right in front of us.

I am unfortunately a bit of a perfectionist. This makes the mess even messier, ironic as that may seem. This is the fact because a perfectionist looks at the world and says, “There are no gray areas. This is either good, or bad. Effective, or ineffective. Treasure, or garbage.” The middle ground is simply a result of the veil in front of our eyes which is that horrible foe,  human error, which keeps us from seeing the truth. “Mundane” is simply a decision still pending as one squints at every critical detail to determine its raw and intrinsic worth. Continue reading →


The Love Interest

My undergraduate writing professor, Dr. Daniel Williams, always said that Christians should have an innate advantage to writing because they know how the world works. God reveals the truth to those who listen to his Word through the Holy Spirit as the rest of the world blindly stumbles for answers. We have a inkling of human nature, the power of miracles, the specifics of a higher power, and the truth of sacrificial archetypes as more than just fantasy, as shown through Christ’s ultimate example.

In my graduate work, I have found that my textbooks, faculty, and classes now take a shrug-and-hope-for-the-best approach to ethics, truth, and value, which are all essential questions in every kind of writing available. Continue reading →

Chapters and Chapters

All the while in my undergraduate studies, I would often make lists of the many things I wanted to blog about. Not because I necessarily thought I had anything incredibly interesting to contribute to the world, or to the people reading my blog, but because it helped me think. It helped me wrestle or celebrate something that was interesting or important to me. I would often look forward to the time when I had time to blog more. To think through things more. I wanted to blog a lot after I graduated from college–I felt like I just had so much to reflect on. But I never did, aside from a few mission updates and another post on loneliness–a theme that continued to simmer in the back of my mind even after college was done and over.  Continue reading →

Collegiately Unfrequented

Having graduated college, I have been reflecting on the past four years in the spare moments in between figuring out jobs, grad school, and life in general. A lot I am still torn on, whether a few particular experiences were good or bad, but I have found that a lot of the positive and negative shine through quite clearly by now.

But as I think through college, letting the bits of knowledge and experience simmer, there is something that was an undeniably weighted force. Something that I think really warrants talking about.

I want to talk about loneliness, and I want to talk about my experience with it during my time in higher education. Continue reading →

Germany/Switzerland [RP Missions 2018] Part II

After being abroad for around thirty-three days, there is a great sense of relief upon returning to one’s home. This was my fourth time doing mission work over the summer, but this year felt more challenging, more intensive, and more engaging. Not necessarily due to the trip itself but because of where I am spiritually as a Christian; but I’ll get into that a bit later in the update.

The ten days in Germany and Switzerland were tiring, but felt very productive. We left the church in Landstuhl to go to their family camp in Beatenberg, Switzerland. Continue reading →

Germany/Switzerland [RP Missions 2018]

After leaving Northern Ireland ten days early from the trip, I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. After a lot of walking and a shuttle later, I made it to Kaiserslautern, where the team is being hosted, to minister to the Trinity Reformed Church in Landstuhl, Germany.

As this is the third time I have been on the trip, it was blessing to return to find familiar faces, as well as many new ones.  Continue reading →

Northern Ireland [RP Missions 2018] Part II

My time in Northern Ireland has now come to a close. After twenty-some days in this beautiful country I have found far more challenge and hard truths than I had thought I would. Far more than I really have had time to process.

However, before I head off to Landstuhl, Germany to lead my second trip, I owe an update to those who have been praying for our Northern Ireland team. My first update focused on my own personal growth concerning my mission experience mainly because I needed to take time so that an appropriate level of discernment could be applied to explaining the work we have been given here. So, without further ado, here is what you have all been waiting to hear about.
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