Reformed Presbyterian Missions 2018


I would appreciate your prayer and support for my last summer in my undergraduate career with RP MISSIONS. Continue reading →


My Significant Other (Part III)

Valentine’s Day.

A day which has proven pretty healthy for my blog’s growth. The plan was simple: just continue the series, “My Significant Other,” to trick my friends and family into thinking that I suddenly have a girlfriend. Then, once they have been caught by the unforgiving, steel trap of possible news being communicated via blog post (but seriously though, who does that?) and have clicked on the post, they can then read some careful words of warning about relationships in general and what the Bible says about our passions and loves.  Continue reading →

A Birthday to Remember

2017 was an incredibly eventful year for me.

There was a challenging and satisfying pursuit academics; funerals and loss; losing some relationships, strengthening others; traveling across the world; a lot of doubt, but also a lot of surprise and joy.

I have told a lot of the stories that I thought were what made 2017 such an important year for me to a few people. Those stories are numerous, to be honest, but there was one in particular that I really did not end up sharing that much.

I could have sworn that I had written it down somewhere, but I checked all of my journals and blog posts without much luck. Continue reading →

Thor: Ragnarok // Wasted Opportunities


With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% at the time of writing this review, it is no wonder that people are calling Thor: Ragnarok the ‘Super Hero Movie of the Year’. This can obviously be attributed to the movie’s entertaining, flashy style, the comedic focus, and some fun and interesting characters throughout.

With the rising critical success of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s no wonder why Marvel has decided to take their long line of stories further in the comedic direction. The first two Thor movies are fairly disliked in the Marvel fan base, with the first Thor movie at a 77% and Thor: The Dark World at a 66% (Rotten Tomatoes).  Continue reading →

Letting Go

The last time I blogged (other than a mission update) was a little over four months ago.

And man, has life really kicked into gear since then. Four months ago, I was sitting back and enjoying the outside activities that come along with the beautiful June weather. I had the time to contemplate the heaviest of questions, such as “what is my favorite anime?”. But in all seriousness, my life was on the verge of a tipping point. Up until June, I felt stagnant; confused; lacking direction. I was about to go abroad. I was about to officially start my senior year of college.

Now to switch gears:

Traveling is romantic.

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(RP Missions) Cyprus Update 3


Upon the start of my final week for my travels this summer, here is a potentially final update for my experience within RP Missions in 2017. Word of warning, this may be a long one.

This week was the most anticipated of the Cyprus trip. After doing some preparations all last week, we worked towards pulling off a Holiday Bible Club (or VBS) for the kids that were a part of the Trinity Evangelical Church, as well as any in the surrounding area. Continue reading →